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Your oral health can have an effect on many aspects of your wellbeing, and painful dental emergencies can occur at any time. Make sure you know how to get help and treatment whenever issues arise.

A dental emergency is any urgent oral condition that should be treated straight away. This includes severe toothache, painful or bleeding gums, loss of a tooth or teeth, and any signs of infection or dental abscess.


Overnight Dental Emergencies

Why do I have a sudden toothache?

Toothache can strike at any time of the day or night, and the pain can become debilitating if not treated quickly. If the cause of the pain is related to the root canal this can make your pain worse at night, since blood pressure in the jaw increases when reclining.

Our Advice: Contact us straight away to arrange an immediate visit. Take painkillers (if required, as prescribed by your doctor). Try to remain in a sitting position.

Why is my child crying with tooth pain?

If your child wakes in the night crying with pain in the mouth it can be distressing for everyone involved. Such pain is usually an indication that something is wrong, and could be a sign of infection, tooth decay, an erupting tooth, an abscess or exposed dental nerves.

Our advice: Contact us straight away to arrange an immediate visit so we can treat the problem and soothe the pain. Use suitable pain-relieving oral gels (only those approved for use with children). Avoid giving child hot or very cold fluids or food which could make the pain worse.

What do I do if I’m on holiday in Dubai and I have a toothache?

Toothache and other dental problems like damaged teeth, lost fillings or crowns, or abscesses are not uncommon when you’re on holiday. Don’t suffer in pain until you get home.

Our advice: Contact us straight away to arrange an immediate visit. Brush your teeth to remove any food debris making the problem worse. Take painkillers. Try to stay in a seated position.

What do I do if I suffer a mouth or facial injury?

Falls, slips and trips anywhere can result in injuries to the mouth and teeth. Slipping over around the pool, a child falling whilst playing, or participating in sports or enjoying adventure activities can result in damaged, broken or completely lost teeth.

Our advice: Time is crucial in the case of damaged teeth. Try and retrieve a lost tooth and keep it in a sealed container of milk. For both lost or damaged teeth you should call us straight away to make an immediate visit where we can attempt to re-implant the tooth or use a tooth dressing. We have all the latest x-ray technology to help us make the best repair possible.

Last Minute Dental Hassle

Dental problems can occur when it’s least convenient. When you’re on the way to the airport to catch a flight. On your way to a wedding celebration or family event. Travelling to an important business meeting. In these circumstances a broken crown, loosened bridge, lost filling or damaged tooth can be more than just an inconvenience. Call in to our clinic at any time of the day or night for immediate first-class dental treatment.

At 24 Hours Dental Clinic we offer the best treatment and superb patient care for any dental issue or emergency. We’re ready to help you so you don’t need to reschedule your priorities.