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Our Team

We pride ourselves on having one of the best teams of professionals in the UAE. Our dentists are all experts in their field with superb track records in clinical practice.

As well as being highly trained and passionate professionals, they are also fully committed to the highest standards of patient care. Our team believes that the key to success is to build excellent relationships with the patients in their care.


DDS, MS Orthodontist

Dr. Kishi is a highly professional orthodontist who graduated from Aleppo University in Syria and received his Specialization in Orthodontics from Dijon University in France.

He has over 20 years of experience in dentistry, with advanced training in all major facets of general and cosmetic dentistry. He’s well known as the holder of

a registered US patent for his invention of the “elf-adjustable, self-ligating orthodontic bracket”.
As part of his commitment to continuing professional excellence, he has attended many conferences, seminars and courses on the latest technological advances and techniques in dentistry.

He is a member of the American Association of Cosmetic Dentistry and the American Association of Orthodontics.
Dr. Mohammad is dedicated to providing patients with the very best in dental treatment and care, and he has established three dental clinics throughout

Dubai that are looking after the smiles of many patients.
He has a wonderful family including two kids, Karim and Sam, and in his leisure time he loves to play with them. He is fond of exploring new places, cycling, Arabic poetry and horse riding.



Dr. Majed is a passionate dentist who graduated from Damascus University, Syria. He continued to enhance his education whilst working in private practice and completed his advanced studies with a specialty in oral and maxillofacial surgery. He developed a well-regarded private practice and then moved to Dubai to continue with the profession that he loves.

Dr. Majed is currently practicing as a general Dentist with a focus on aesthetic treatments such as veneers and crowns, as well as treatments involving oral surgery.

He has two lovely children, Maya and Majed, and he loves to spend his free time with his family and friends. He enjoys a wide variety of music and is an avid reader.



Dr. Kabbani is a general dentist with a Masters degree in Cosmetic Dentistry. He has extensive knowledge of all dental procedures, but has a particular interest in cosmetic and restorative dentistry. He has extensive experience in periodontics, endodontic treatments, and aesthetic treatments like veneers. He believes that good communication is the key to a successful dentist-patient relationship.

Dr. Ali has two children, Ghali and Leen, and in his spare time he loves spending time with them, as well as enjoying playing tennis and badminton.



Dr. Abu Asaleh was awarded his D.D.S from the International University of Science and Technology in Damascus, Syria in 2007. With a desire to learn more and develop his practice even further, he continued his studies at the University of Córdoba, Spain and acquired a Masters in Oral Surgery, Implantology, and Rehabilitation Implantoprosthetics.

Having started a clinical residency in oral surgery and Implantology at the Maxillodental Dental Clinic in Córdoba, Spain, he continued to develop his practice and accumulated further practical and professional experience in implantology, surgical extractions, oral surgery and cosmetic dentistry.

offers his vast experience to our patients. “As a member of an esteemed team of dentists here, my main focus and priority is reserved for the satisfaction and full health of my patients, with whom gaining mutual and long-lasting trust is paramount.”

When he’s not at the clinic pursuing his passion, you might find him on a fishing trip with friends, going for a long run in the early hours of the morning, or flipping through an interesting book or article. He is fluent in Arabic, Spanish & English.



Dr. Ayham is a dedicated general dental practitioner who qualified from the Ajman College of Dental Science. He graduated with the highest grades in clinical practice and is passionate about oral health and patient care.

Dr. Ayham believes in treating his patients like they are family, and he believes that earning a patient’s trust and confidence is key to providing excellent clinical care. His goal is to make every patient completely happy with their treatment and their smile.

He’s a keen sportsman and particularly enjoys swimming and tennis. When he’s not indulging his passion for sports he loves spending time with his pet parrot, who he’s teaching to speak!


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